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FRIDAY FEATURE FOCUS – Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration allows cross-functional subject matter experts to communicate on topics across and beyond their immediate team.

Common CSV Collaboration Points

The most common use of the ValidateMyApp Enterprise Collaboration functionality is to collaborate on Artifacts.

  • Requirements
  • Protocols
  • Protocol Execution
  • Exceptions & Deviations
  • Etc….

Key Collaboration Capabilities

Group CollaborationCollaborate with a specific group of people such as your project team.
Process CollaborationCollaborate around a specific record of data, for example, an artifact such as a requirements document, or a specific requirement.
FollowFollow records and get notifications of changes to data.
PostsPost a comment or ask a question.
Attach FilesAttach files related to a thread to provide more context.
Mention@Mention users in your posts to launch an automatic email notification.

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