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FRIDAY FEATURE FOCUS – Multiple Workflow Step Approvers

Multiple Workflow Step Approvers

Often we find that multiple users are required to approve a record at a given stage along the route of a record. In validateMyApp, a workflow step is known as a route stage. An example is needing to have multiple people review and approve an artifact before the document is made effective.

When should the record progress?

In validateMyApp, you have the following options as to when a record should progress to the next stage when multiple approvers are involved at a given step.

  • All approvals are required
  • Only one approval is required

Require All Approvers

When configuring the action for the route stage, you can set the record to wait for all approvals before progressing to the next stage. Under this configuration, you have an additional setting to define whether the multiple approvals are sequential or in parallel.

  • Sequential
  • Parallel

Sequential is used when the approvals must be executed in a specific order.

Parallel is used when no specific order is necessary. However, the record does not progress until all approvals are obtained.

Proceed with One Approval

When only one approval is required, you can assign multiple approvers and when at least one of the approvals is obtained, the record progresses to the next stage.

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